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Richard Cloutier's work will be exhibited throughout the 2012 season.

For more information on Richard Cloutier's work please contact Dennis Costin, Gallery Director

Le Depeche du Midi newspaper in France

Seduced by his stay in the Lauragais regions, Richard Cloutier, an artist from Quebec, returns to Loubens to show
Inspired by the architectural treasures from the chateau and the special light specific to that historical site, the exhibition is called "Le filtre de la memoire" ("The filter of memory) and groups together drawings, oils and encaustic. Through this technique of combining pigments and beeswax, the painter wanted to catch the fugitive atmosphere associated with his first visit to the Loubens Chateau and its surroundings."

Provincetown Magazine

"Richard Cloutier's artistic reasoning finds its roots in the consciousness of place, both as habitat and as landscape. Even when painting landscape scenes his use of rich, luminous color, juxtaposed against the abstracted image, lends itself to a form of architectural beauty."

Journal Le Metropolitain Newspaper/Toronto

'...A mix of abstract and figurative works in making this exhibition a real visual pleasure...Richard Cloutier is showing fragments of space and undefinite origin. The painter works with architectural concepts as starting points for the elaboration of abstract places."
Martin Moisan


Richard Cloutier's richly hued, contemporary paintings bring together, and grow out of , his keen awareness of design, wherein the project (painting) comes to life through succeeding series of drawing. Each painting reflects a way of imagining things through lines defining time and space. Cloutier says, "My paintings could be seen as either vanishing remains of some unknown architectural frfagment or as the promise of new purposelss shapes yet to come."

Drawing from his architectural background, Richard has evolved into a Fine Artist through his desire to depict architectural imagery in an abstracted form with oil on canvas. In speaking of his work Richard says, " As a painter, my most recent explorations led me to naturally introduce architectural components in a more direct way and to also make use of the plastic possibilities found in architectures graphic language."

Such traditional oppositions are often used to define how a constructed form, in architecture and in painting, is active within its context. One could say that Cloutier finds inspiration in the challenge of this precarious ambiguity.

And yet, the essential challenge of his art is to come to each painting without ideas, without preconceptions; rather, entering into the responsive relationship between painter and painting, staying open to that organic, evolutionary exchange. And this is the delight, as well. One is not alone in the studio. Suddenly, another is present; a new space is breaking out, with its own secret organization. Once this secret is revealed, Cloutier often paints in series, exploring the relationship, the adventure, over time what Cloutier refers to as "spatial emotion."

Richard Cloutier is a native of Quebec City, Canada. He received his BA in Architecture in 1989. He later received an MFS in Visual Arts from Laval University.Active in the Quebec City artist community, he is a member of Les Ateliers 3 Cinquieme, a group of over 15 artists working in studios transformed from a former funeral home. His work is shown in galleries in Quebec City, Toronto and Provincetown.

ERNDEN FINE ART GALLERY is pleased to represent Richard Cloutier whose work will be exhibited in the gallery throughout the season. For more information contact Dennis Costin, Gallery Director at 508-487-6700 or 888-304-2787 or via email