The Various Protective Gear During Work

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is any apparatus that is used for your protection against hazards that may arise when at work. This apparel is worn or held to the places which would be exposed to the risks to prevent injury. According to health regulations, you wear them to protect yourself against hazards that are beyond human control. There is various protective gear during work that is used depending on the hazard faced including insulated and waterproof clothing. Here are the various kinds you would use.

Some common protective gear

Eye gear

fdgdfgdfgfdgdgdgEye gear comes in various forms, all with varying degrees of protection. Safety spectacles are made in the likeness of regular spectacles but with a tougher lens and frame. They are available with side shields as well, protecting the eyes completely. Safety goggles are flexible glasses with an elastic band worn around the head to keep them in place. Face shields are worn to protect the whole face, including the eyes. Their only downside is that they do not protect the eyes on the side. Eye shields are one-piece frameless lenses that are worn over regular spectacles for protection.


Headgear is used to protect the head and hair. It comes in various forms with the most common being the industrial safety helmet, commonly known as the hard hat. It protects your head against falling or swinging objects. Industrial scalp protectors protect your head when you bump into stationary objects. Finally, you have caps and hair nets which keep the hair protected and safe from entanglement.


Footgear is used to safeguard the feet from harm. Safety boots are varied with the regular feature being steel toe-caps to protect the toes against falling objects and bumps. The mid-soles can also be made of steel to prevent puncturing while the soles can be slip resistant. The boots can also be insulated to protect the feet against heat or cold. Another feature that protective footwear could have is anti-static and conductive properties. This is to prevent the build-up of static electricity. More guide on the best footgear in linked here.

Hand and arm gear

Hand and arm gear come in a different kind to combat the hazards faced. Leather and chain mail are some of the materials used to make them. Wrist cuffs and armlets are used to protect the arms and wrists when dealing with glass. Barrier cream is also a protective film that comes in handy when gloves cannot be worn.

Respiratory gear

fghfhfghgfhgfhfghRespiratory protection is used to preserve the safety of the lungs. It comes in two different kinds. You have respirators that clean the air of contaminants. Such filters come in various strengths from simple dust masks to industrial respirators. There are also respirators that supply oxygen from a source to prevent you from breathing in contaminated air. These are the highest level of respiratory equipment.

Body gear

Body protection is also one of the various protective gear of work that protects and against injury and health related concerns. Back supports, harnesses, weather-proof clothing, visibility clothing, life jackets and hazard protective gear (like aprons) all fall under this category of apparel.

It is a requirement to have and wear protective gear while at work so as to satisfy government regulations.