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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Doorknob

There are many types of doorknobs. Some are counterfeit while others are genuine. Besides, there are various door-knob manufacturers. These two aspects complicate the selection process further. If you are stranded choosing the right doorknob, this article will shed some light. That said, here are a few things to consider when buying a doorknob.

Finishdoor handle

This is an important aspect to consider when buying doorknobs. There are a few finish types, which include, brushed nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and gold. These finish varieties have their pros and cons. However, it is advisable to settle for brushed nickel or oil- rubbed bronze. These two varieties look amazing. Besides, they conceal signs of wear and tear for a long time. If money is not an issue, you can also settle for a gold finished knob.


Style is an essential aspect in enhancing looks. Therefore, choosing a knob that will improve your door looks should be no option. The common knob styles include the lever, round and oval knobs. That said, when choosing the right design, then, lever knobs can be a perfect option. However, when it comes to ease in opening lever knobs are not the best. Therefore, in areas where you would want to keep children out of bound, you can consider other designs.


This is yet another aspect to consider when buying knobs. Brand name influences quality. As such, you need to go for a reputable brand. Doorknobs from reputable companies are durable. However, you may have to pay more when buying door knobs from reputable manufacturers.


door knobIt is also important to factor in price when making this important purchase. In most cases, high price denotes quality though this is not always the case. You should do a research to ascertain the value of different type of knobs. Later, set a budget that you are comfortable working with. In essence, you should spend based on your budget, but remember not to overlook quality in your quest to finding affordable knobs.

These are just but a few of the aspects to consider when buying door knobs. You should not overlook any of these aspects if you want something that will serve you best. Besides, it is advisable to purchase from a reputable supplier like commercial door knobs. That said, get the best supplier before making a purchase.